To erect Casa da Torre ( Tower House), we did a search of the past, at the beginning of the twentieth century to the emergence of a splendid reconstruction of what was once the house.

This was the first home of the parish to have electricity supplied by an aero generator that was placed in a stone tower built specifically for this purpose. It was because of this feature tower that came the name of our house. Even today you can admire this magnificent tower with a aero generator in operation.

In terms of accommodation we provide the Tower House on the island of Pico, is capable of accommodating between 8 to 12 people,it is very well located and take to their customers a service and conditions of the first.

Casa da Torre(Tower House) has two floors, one floor is the ground floor, where you can find a very large suite, with kitchen, bathroom and living room, it is very quiet, comfortable and very private, ideal for a vacation for two.

On the first floor there are three double bedrooms, one with suite bathroom and the other two with shared bathroom, this floor is also made up of kitchen and two living rooms, the constitution of this floor allows you to enjoy a wonderful family holiday.

In addition to the house interior of the tower gives you a great outdoor space, an area with barbecue and garden areas where you can witness the most beautiful and pure nature, with an aroma of flowers and the freshness of our air.

Ideal for you and your family, but not limited, the tower house also reserved a great space for your pet, if you do not want or can not leave him at home during the holiday we have a kennel under the proper conditions at your disposal.

Always offers a wonderful stay, whether you come alone or accompanied, and we do everything to make you feel accomplished with your holiday, giving you attention, comfort and good mood.


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